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The erstwhile Directorate named “Directorate for Welfare of Sch.Castes and Sch.Tribes” was bifurcated in the year 1982 and formed a new Directorate as “Directorate for Welfare of Sch. Castes”. The staff of that erstwhile Directorate were distributed at the ration 3:1 between the two Directorates. In the year 1984, a separate Department was constituted, called, “Department for Welfare of Sch.Castes.

In the year 1993, the Directorate was re-named as the Directorate for Welfare of Sch.Castes & OBCs. Besides that in the year 1999 “ the Directorate of Welfare for Religious Minorities” was established under the Department .Accordingly, the Department has been known as the “Department for Welfare of Sch.Castes, OBCs and Minorities

The year 1993 the Directorate for Welfare of Sch Castes has been re-named as the Directorate for welfare of Sch.Castes and OBCs. In the year 1999 “ Directorate for Welfare of Religious Minorities was established under the Department and the Department was re-named as the Department for Welfare of SCs, OBCs and Minorities.” Later on, Directorate for welfare of other Backward Classes has been created on 9th oct. 2013 bifurcating The  Directorate of Welfare of SCs and OBCs. Now it has renamed as Directorate for Welfare of Scheduled Castes under the Department for Welfare of Schedule Castes.


A sizable population of the state belongs to Scheduled Castes comprising 34 communities recognized by the State as well as Government of India. For comprehensive development of all these communities, a separate Department named as "Department for Welfare of Scheduled Castes" was created in 1982 bifurcating the Department for Welfare of Scheduled Tribes(STs) & Scheduled Castes(SCs).

Objective of the Department is to lift the down trodden SC people through different Welfare Schemes:-

i) Socio- Economic Development of Sch.Castes.

ii) Educational & Cultural Development.

iii) Protecting the Sch. Castes from various social exploitations.

iv) Providing constitutional and legal rights of SC.