Department Activites


  • 1.School : Dr. B. R. Ambedkar english medium model school and Babu J. R. hostel for boys and girls.
  • 2.Hostel for SC Boys : Construction of 100 seated hostel for SC boys.
  • 3.Construction of a 50 seated: SC Boys, hostel attached to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
  • 4.Loan for Higher Education : : Extension of benefit of educational loan from S.C. Corporation to meritorious students for pursuing their studies in Degree (Hon,s/Technical) and PostGraduate levels.
  • 5.Increase Outfit allowance : Increase of the rate of Outfit allowance from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 5,000/- for those who go outside of the State for higher studies after H.S.(+2 stages)



  • 6.Construction of house : Construction of 50 houses at Ujan Abhoynagar for Rabidas families and 100 houses at East Pratapgarh for Hrishidas families.
  • 7.Construction of 50 houses for harijan families
  • 8.Construction of Common facility centre : Construction of a CFC(Common facility Centre) for Leather artisans.
  • 9.Help for pisciculture : Sanction of financial assistance to fishermen Co-op.Societies and individual fishermen who have their own water areas for pisciculture.
  • 10.Assistance to Washermen families : Sanction of financial assistance to 50 (fifty) Washermen families.


  • 11.  Allotment of land : Allotment of land
  • 12. Economic Empowerment of women: Economic Empowerment of Women(1500 SHGs will be formed and the eligible groups will be assisted for undertaken micro-enterprises)
  • 13. Spl.Area based Development Programme : In 5(five ) Gram Panchayts viz 1) Rangamati in Amarpur Sub-Div. 2)Ambedkarnagar in Kailasahar Sub-Div.3) Rudijala in Sonamura Sub-Div.4)Purba Aralia in Bishalgarh Sub-Div. and 5) Dabbari in Kamalpur Sub-Div.
  • a) A) Educational Development : Primary and S.B. Schools in the project areas will Pucca buildings and furniture. High and H.S. Schools in the project areas will be provided with Pucca buildings and other facilities. Teachers in all subjects will be provided to H/S, High and S.B. Schools in the project areas. Drop-out rates of students upto class –X in the project areas will be brought down to 0%.
  • b) Health Care : I Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rate in the project areas will be brought down. To achieve the target, Health department will arrange to train at least 5(five) Dhais in each project areas and arrange awareness campaign through ICDS to motivate the people to take the help of Health Institutions. Necessary staff will be posted in the Health care institutions in the project areas. Health care institutions in the project areas will be provided with all facilities.
  • c) Infrastructure Development : Infrastructure facilities like roads, electric lines, irrigation, safe drinking water the project areas will be developed. Other social infrastructure facilities will also be developed.
  • d) Economic Development : Activities for economic development such as creation of water areas, skill development of willing youths and construction of houses for BPL families etc. will be intensified.